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Alex & Penny Lang (Ace Vintage)

I’m one of the newer traders in the Emporium – I’ve had my space since the end of September, following on from my helping my mum (Penny Lang) with her cabinets since the summer of last year.

Since February we have increased our selling space in the Emporium and also our hours working there… Anyway, my newly-established company is called Ace Vintage Cornwall, and along with the Emporium, I also have a Facebook page at I guess that I fall into the category of what they’re now calling the ‘new generation’ of antiques traders, dealing in all kinds of things from all eras, rather than becoming a ‘specialist’ as people used to do…

My stock is varied – from ‘genuine antiques’ from the Victorian/Edwardian period, through Art Nouveau and Art Deco, to mid-century design, 50s-60s kitsch and cool, all the way up to 1970s-80s retro collectables.

Highlights of mine include vintage ‘mens collectables’ including watches, microscopes, nautical and desktop items, funky glassware and breweriana, small and large treen (wooden wares), vintage shooting and walking sticks, and quirky prints and paintings.

Mum deals in a diverse range of things too, including traditional copperware and brassware, decorative china and glass, antique and modern silverware and jewellery. There is a large degree of ‘crossover’ in our stock as we share our spaces, working hours and our business costs and expenses – a ‘family business’ in the truest sense of the phrase…!