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Featured Maker – Amanda Element

Continuing our Featured Maker series, this week we’ve been hearing from Amanda Element of Elysian Designs. You can find her leatherwork at The Craft Kiln.

Day 1) Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you make?

Hi Lucy, Amanda Element, leather worker from Elysian Designs Cornwall. I make leather goods including bags, belts and wallets. I make them using a mixture of new and repurposed equestrian leather. I was furloughed during the COVID outbreak, and as I couldn’t get any leather, I raided my horse tack, and so the repurposed equestrian leather was born!

Day 2) Can you tell us about your product range – what do you sell at The Craft Kiln?

My product range is extensive, you will always find plenty of individually designed bags, belts, dog collars, purses and wallets available to choose from.

Day 3) How do you create you work and what materials are involved?

The items I make nearly always include repurposed leather. Where possible I try to repurpose horse tack as it is English, so I can guarantee it’s eco credentials and it’s a sustainable resource! Every piece is individual, unique and hand made.

Day 4) What inspires your work?

My horses and the repurposing of leather are my inspiration. My workshop overlooks my fields and horses. Each repurposed saddle sings a slightly different tune , and makes a unique bag. No 2 are exactly the same, the wear is different, and so is the way I use it!

Day 5) What’s your favourite piece?

One of my favourite pieces was a bag I made for a customer. The saddle had been well looked after, making it soft, supple, and a beautiful brown. The lady had adored the saddle, and unfortunately it was stolen. The lady then lost the horse it belonged to. Miraculously the saddle turned up several hundred miles away, abandoned under a bush. It was traced back to her, and she felt the saddle was destined to stay with her. The saddle just fell into the design, and the lady just loved it.

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