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It All Starts With A Sketch…

We often share the finished artwork from Sarah Blakey’s commissions, but today we thought it would be interesting to show some of the preparation that goes into her pieces. Here you can see the initial line drawing from one of her most recent paintings, ‘Tin Mining, Wheal Prosper’, and the finished piece that led on from it.

The sketch below that is work in progress for a commission that Sarah is hard at work on right now! We’ll share an image of the final artwork when it’s completed, so do check back or give us a follow on Facebook at to see the latest work and updates.

If you’d like to commission a piece of your own from Sarah, do get in touch. You can also view and order prints of Sarah’s artwork and Mick’s photography at Although the gallery is closed for lockdown, we’re still able to offer delivery or click and collect throughout November and hope to open up fully again from December 3rd.

Wheal Prosper Commission Drawing, Sarah Blakey
Tin Mining, Wheal Prosper, Sarah Blakey
Work in Progress, Sarah Blakey
Stormy Weather, Trevose Head, Mick Blakey
Storm Desmond, Longships Lighthouse, Mick Blakey
View more of Mick Blakey’s photography at